modern dry goods

It all started with an apron.

Five years ago, I asked my mother to teach me how to sew — and by ask I mean that I brought home a pattern, a few yards of fabric and proceeded to turn her old mechanical sewing machine into a tangled mess of cloth and knotted thread.

While bewildered why anyone would want to learn how to sew if she didn’t have to, my mom came down to the basement, helped me untangle the mess and taught me how to thread the bobbin and to read a pattern.  With her bachelor’s in home economics, she was the perfect, albeit unwilling, teacher.  See, she had fought hard to ensure that her daughters would never have to make their own clothing.

the apron + my beautiful mother

If only I had obeyed.  Despite my bungled start, I fell in love with sewing, and that hobby fed into a growing appetite for baking and cooking. I now spend hours and days testing a recipe until I’m sure that I’ve made the best yet.

Recently, I’ve noticed that I’m not alone in this quest to rediscover the domestic arts.  Kristi and I met in the summer of 1997 when we were both camp counselors.  I can assure you that the most crafting that either of us had done up until that point was to make friendship bracelets in a schoolyard.  Yet here we are,  like so many others, in love with it.  For us this isn’t about stepping back in time or assuming a specific gender role; it’s about putting a modern twist on the traditions.

In this blog, we plan to celebrate these homemade arts, show what we are making, highlight others from whom we are learning, and give readers a chance to buy our items – all while honoring the people who allowed us to make this choice.

Mom, thank you for starting me on this path (and sorry that I put a picture of you on the Internet.)