whisk: biscoff rice krispie treats

Guys, I want to start off and say sorry that we’ve been MIA.  I’ve been battling a major case of mercury in retrograde where nothing that I attempt turns out right.  We both have really, at the same time that I attempted and failed at three different projects, Kristi’s sewing machine hit a snag (ok maybe more than a snag).  Mistakes happen and if I’ve learned anything in the last few years is that they happen more often then you’d like.  As someone who gets frustrated when I can’t master something, I have to had to train myself to see that failing is the good part because it’s where you learn. Failing does not always equal failure.  And hopefully, just hopefully you don’t make the same mistakes twice.   So anyway, sorry that we went silent — we promise not to leave you like that again!

So let’s take a look at one such failure of mine.  You remember my new obsession, Biscoff Spread, right… well I took her our for a spin to see just how much she could do.  I decided to start with something that should’ve been easy, Rice Krispie Treats.   RKTs are one of my favorite desserts, they are so simple and buttery and delicious.  Now imagine them with a hint of ginger spice cookie mixed in… sounds heavenly, right?  Things did not go quite as expected…

Things tarted off well, I melted the butter, then added the marshmallows and stirred until they were melted.  Then at this point, I stirred in the Biscoff Spread until it melted and then poured over the cereal.

I knew going in that the key to this experiment would come down to whether or not the Biscoff Spread melted well (like a peanut butter).  It started off fine and melted into the marshmallows without a problem.  But as I started stirring it in with the cereal, it thickened so quickly that it became hard to mix, after like two seconds of stirring.

At this point, I also tested the mix and realized that I hadn’t used enough spread because instead of tasting like ginger spice cookies, it tasted like, well normal Rice Krispie Treats.  Only sweeter.  So I spread an additional layer of Biscoff on top of the pan hoping that would help and then in case all else failed, I added a layer of dark chocolate.

The Result:

Now, here’s where I have to fess up to my worst mistake of all — I forgot to line the pan which more or less made these suckers impossible to get out.   So in the end, it was Biscoff Rice Krispie Treats 1, Katie 0.  These were chewy, sticky, crunchy and extremely sweet bars.  The treats were tasty but everyone who tried them asked what they were – they didn’t taste like Rice Krispie Treats or anything but sugar.

That being said, I had no problem finding people to eat these and like Julia Child famously said, you should never apologize for anything in the kitchen.  So no apologizes here, but I will keep trying.  For the next round, I’m thinking that I will replace the butter in the original recipe with Biscoff and see if that helps.  I also am thinking of crushing up some Biscoff Cookies and adding those to the mix.

What’s your worst kitchen disaster?