the goods: craft corner organization


Hi, my name is Katie and I hoard craft supplies. I mean look at that! There is a bin there dedicated to glue… yes, glue!

Every year as the seasons change from winter to spring, I like millions of others, feel the urge to do some spring cleaning. I love a good purge and can be obsessive about my organization (confession — my closet is color coordinated). This year, my number one project, the thing I knew I had to get taken care of was my craft and sewing supplies. The picture above is the after, I wish that I had taken a before although I’m not sure that I would have been able to post it without some serious self loathing. It mainly consisted of piles of fabric, plastic baggies full of thread and bins of unfinished projects.

So this past weekend, I tore it all apart and got organized. When I worked at Martha Stewart, I used to love going to the craft department when I needed a pick me up.  I particularly loved the ribbon room — yes there is a ribbon room — and now my little corner reminds me of that, on a much smaller scale.

I also love that it made me realize two things: there’s a good chance that I have singlehandedly been keeping the craft stores in Boulder in business and that there a lot of good projects in those bins.  Sifting through everything reminded me of the things I was momentarily obsessed with making/figuring out and I am now inspired to play with again. Neon orange gorp, I’m talking to you.

One day I will show you my kitchen, at this point I need a walk in closet for all of my appliances, gadgets and pans.

Do you have any tips for organizing? Does any one else color coordinate their closet?