stitch: Last minute Valentine’s Day Gift



I decided to make mini aprons for all my single girlfriends this Valentine’s with Alexander Henry’s “Game of Love” fabric paired with Moda’s Pink Ombre fabric. I mean, who wouldn’t want to receive this on Valentine’s right? Right.

– 1/2 yard for the front, cut 22in x 18in
– 1/2 yard for the back, cut 22in x 18in
– 4 ft of coordinating ribbon

Place front fabric and back fabric right sides together. Cut the 4 ft of ribbon in half. Place and pin one ribbon in the upper left corner 1/2 in from the top (between the front and back fabric), with about an 1in of the ribbon sticking out. Repeat the same process on the right hand side.


Pin the rest of the sides together, sew the fabric with a 1/2in seam, but remember to leave an opening at the bottom of the apron. Turn apron right side out. Iron bottom seam close and top stitch with 1/4in seam.


Viola! Valentine’s Day apron is finished.

Final_Apron Valentines_Apron_MDG
Enjoy! xo Kristi

stitch: “All I Want for Christmas” mini stocking tutorial

Every year my friends and I throw a Christmas dinner party for 20+ friends, which includes a goody bag filled with items from the dollar store, and a handmade item from yours truly. Last year I decided to make mini Christmas stockings for the ladies because the fabric, “Pin Up, All I Want for Christmas” by Alexander Henry, is just that awesome.

I found this mini stocking template on martha stewart, grabbed my scraps of fabric and started pinning and cutting away. Once the fabric was ready, I placed the bottom piece wrong side down on my machine, placed a folded over ribbon in the upper right hand corner with the edges facing out, and pinned the top piece right side together.

I then sewed a 1/4 inch seam all the way around, but left a 3 inch opening on the other side.

I then turned the stocking right side out, ironed the edges and top stitched with a 1/4 inch seam.

Needless to say, it was a hit with the ladies, including Miss Piggy. Hubba, Hubba.