the goods: This is the Month to…

I can’t believe February has already arrived! With Valentine’s around the corner, we have new iPhone wallpaper available to download below. Personally, my favorite of the bunch is #2. Epic indeed!  If the options below don’t float your boat, click  here for additional iPhone wallpaper.  Cheers to February.  xoxo Kristi




To download the files from a desktop, right click (control click on a mac) the selected image and choose save as.  To download the files on your phone, open in your browser (safari on an iPhone) click on the image you would like to download.  When the page with only that image opens, hold your finger on the image until the “Save Image” menu pops up and then save.  Transfer the image to your phone and visit settings/wallpaper to select the file.  Email us at if you have any issues, we would be happy to help you!

to do: 2012 Creative Resolutions

In the spirit of Katie’s “to do: 2012 Handmade goals” post, below is my list of Creative Resolutions. 2011 was a great year and I have a feeling 2012 will be even better.

So, this year, I will:

– Finish piecing and quilting my chevron quilt. I started it in June folks. Not good, I know.

– Take more weekend trips to the country and explore the outdoors.

– Learn how to make caramel popcorn. I’ve become addicted to it as of late.

– Sketch at least 3 times a week.

– Learn how to properly arrange flowers

– Screen print my own fabric

It may be a small list, but I’m excited to tackle it.

Cheers to a creative, happy and prosperous 2012!


to do: 2012 handmade goals

Happy New Year! While I’m sad to see 2011 go — it was a great year — I’m welcoming 2012 with open arms. I love the promise of a new year, it’s filled with so much hope, opportunity and unknown surprises. Every January, I make a list of personal resolutions that I try to adhere to throughout the year. This year, I decided to also put together a list of handmade goals. These are things that I’ve been meaning to do but haven’t gotten around to for one reason or another and 2012 seems as good a year as any to do them. No time like the present, as they say…

all images found on pinterest

So, this year, I will:

+ Learn how to make french baguettes

+ Pickle in August. Pickle everything: cukes, cauliflower, green beans, peppers, carrots…

+ Make and can jams in the summer

+ Sew a piece of clothing and actually wear it

+ Figure out how to make carrot cake whoopie pies at high altitude (without using a whoopie pie pan)

+ Discover a homemade frozen yogurt that I like

+ Go to Paris

+ Make a quilt (that is not a baby blanket)

+ Perfect my red sauce recipe

What about you, anything you’ve been dying to try but haven’t?

Happy + Healthy to you and yours,