Modern Dry Goods celebrates contemporary classic living. Our daily journal offers our guide for how to live life creatively and features tutorials for handmade goods, everything from sewing and crafting to baking and cooking, interviews with those who inspire us and a sneak peek into our lives everything from our travels to our latest fashion obsessions.

All helping you to live life, creatively.


Five years ago, Katie asked her mom to teach her how to sew and despite getting off to a rocky start, that first sewing project turned into an obsession which lead to baking and cooking and then crafting and then… the list could go on and on.  Katie recently returned to her home state of Colorado after spending more than a decade working for a variety of media and entertainment companies in New York City.


This Texas native is a graphic designer by day and a modern crafter by night.  Kristi’s first sewing project was four years ago on a 1920’s Singer Featherweight and she’s been sewing ever since. An avid traveler, Kristi finds inspiration for her projects all around her – especially in art, fashion, modern fabrics, and the outdoors.


2 thoughts on “about us

  1. hi!! this is kelsey from the factory made event last night (i had NAYA, the skincare line).
    i just took a bite of your brownie and it is divine!! thanks for sharing 🙂

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