the goods: fifteen years

Kristi and I met fifteen years ago when we were both counselors at a camp in the mountains north of Santa Fe. Surprisingly, neither of us were “art” counselors. From what I remember, we met on the first day and quickly became friends. We coordinated our day off so that we had it on the same day and would spend our time traipsing around Santa Fe, eating at the Shed and the Cowgirl Cafe, having breakfast Blizzards from Dairy Queen and taking one ridiculous road trip to Denver to see an Indigo Girls concert.

babyfaces in the summer of 1997

It is so hard for me to believe that that much time has passed and that Kristi and I have managed to maintain a friendship despite the fact that since the summer of 1997, we have never lived in the same town.

kristi and i back in june of 2011 (back when I was blonde)

We also recently celebrated our six months anniversary here at modern dry goods. I know we’ve been posting less frequently lately and we have no excuse except for the fact that it is summer time. It’s just so hard to sit inside and sew when its 80 and sunny until 9pm everyday. But don’t worry, we are working on it and have plenty of good projects to come in the next few weeks. Stay tuned.



One thought on “the goods: fifteen years

  1. So cute of you two! How fun to celebrate that friendship together. 🙂 Love your posts! Keep up the great work. Love ya! Cindy 🙂

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