drink: frozen drunk arnies

Spring is here and with it those first few afternoons filled with warm sunshine,  good friends and drinks outside somewhere.   There’s not much that I love more than summertime happy hour.  This winter, I tasted a bourbon slush for the first time and my mind started spinning thinking about how it would make the perfect frozen drunk arnold palmer.  After a few different attempts, I finally have the recipe.  This drink is just plain delightful and I’m going to go out on a limb and declare these my cocktail of the summer of 2012.  You can make these in advance and whip them out when needed, plus as a bonus, these are blender free.  So this summer if you find yourself in Boulder, come on over, I’ll be sure to have a batch in the freezer waiting for ya!

The ingredients:

+ Sweet Tea Vodka

+ 3 large cans of frozen lemonade concentrate

+ 10 Black tea bags

+ 4 or 5 quart containers with lids

Boil 6 cups of water and add to 10-12 black tea bags.   Let it steep while it comes to room temperature (about 20-30 minutes).  Then in a large pitcher, pour the tea and 2 cans of the  frozen lemonade mix.  Using one of the empty lemonade cans as your measuring cup, add 2 cans of water and 2 cans of vodka (this will use up nearly an entire 750ml bottle of vodka).  Stir until combined and pour into quart containers making sure to leave a good inch at the top so that it can expand in the freezer.   Freeze overnight.   Then make one pitcher of straight lemonade, according to the directions on the can and refrigerate.  You can make the lemonade just before serving if you prefer.  It doesn’t matter.

To assemble, remove the frozen quart container from the freezer and using a spoon flake it and scoop into a glass.  Then pour lemonade until the slush is covered and stir until they are combined and have a slurpee-esque consistency.  Add a straw, garnish with a lemon if desired and serve.  This recipe should make about 12 healthy servings.

I can’t wait for summertime, may have to make today a sunday, funday…



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