stitch: iPad Case Lesson Learned

99% of the time my fabric stash dictates the kind of project I’m going to make. In this case, I perused my local and fabulous fabric shop, City Craft, and fell in love with the hot pink echino sunglasses paired with the day of the dead fabric by Alexander Henry. I wasn’t sure what I was going to make when I bought the fabric, but knew I would come up with something quickly. And sure enough, Christmas was coming and I was in need of a new iPad case for the airplane ride. Done and done.

I tripled checked my measurements and constructed it pretty quickly. I wanted the case to be durable and protective so I used fuseable interfacing on the backside of the echino fabric and then continued on.

Perfect fabric combination right?!

Time to get the iPad…

And it doesn’t fit. . .due to the fuseable interfacing that I used. So the big lesson learned here – when using fuseable interfacing add an extra inch or two to your project and double check your measurements. Even though my iPad doesn’t fit, I now have a new clutch to take out on a night on the town with the gals.

4 thoughts on “stitch: iPad Case Lesson Learned

  1. I’ll repost what I commented on your FB post:

    The trick when using fusible fleece is to cut the fusible smaller than your other pattern pieces and keep the fleece out of your seam allowances. The fusible will be cut to the finished size of your project. The only thing sewn together is the outer pieces, leaving all the bulk out of the seam. Did this on the iPad case I made recently out of laminated cotton and it worked like a charm.

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